Yamaha grand pianos are the first choice of countless American and international pianists, and are featured center stage in the world’s most prestigious concert halls, music conservatories, international piano competitions, and music festivals.

A History of Innovation

Since its founding in 1887 when Torakusu Yamaha built his first reed organ, Yamaha—now the world’s largest manufacturer of musical instruments—has maintained a devotion to inspiring creativity. The centerpiece of our mission is the preservation and excellence of musical tradition, while creating innovative new products, technologies, and processes.

Yamaha strives to collaborate with the entire music community, working continuously with artists and educators to improve and develop instruments that meet the ever-changing demands of schools and performing arts centers.

The Premium Quality You Expect From Yamaha

Unlike most manufacturers, Yamaha takes a total approach to piano-making: it retains complete control over virtually every component at every stage of production—even to the point of building the manufacturing equipment. Rather than assembling pianos from parts produced by outside companies or contracting with third parties to build its pianos, Yamaha designs, tests, evaluates and manufactures all major components by.

Another key advantage to Yamaha is the extent of the company's expertise in related technologies. With well-established credentials in fields such as metallurgy, chemistry and electronics—as well as more obvious areas like acoustics and woodworking—Yamaha leverages extensive internal resources to raise the standards of piano-making. The results of this interdisciplinary approach are a steady stream of innovations and better musical instruments.


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